Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us info@tatrucks.com or call us between 9am and 5pm weekdays at 610-494-2800. The sales department is open 9am to 6pm weekdays, and Saturday mornings by appointment ONLY — please call to make an appointment prior to stopping down.

Truck Sales Questions

  1. Where do you get the trucks you sell?- We purchase our trucks from a wide variety of sources. Some come from lease turn ins, some via trade-ins, and some are purchased from customers with whom we have long-term, comfortable relationships. But ALL the trucks we sell are thoroughly examined by our staff of factory-trained truck mechanics. They are delivered to you ready to go to work. Click here to read the terms of our standard warranty. If a vehicle is sold "as-is", the buyer assumes all responsibility for any problems or necessary repairs right from the moment of purchase.

  2. How long should I expect a diesel truck to run?- A difficult question to answer, as all trucks/engines are different. We can tell you that we have customers running diesel trucks with over 400,000 miles - and counting. The key to keeping your diesel truck on the road for a long time is to have the engine serviced regularly. For a 4 cylinder diesel we recommend an oil service every 5,000 miles and a 6 cylinder every 7,500 miles. Have your automatic transmission serviced every year. It's also important that you pay close attention to the temperature gauge on your vehicle. If you should see the gauge go above 75%, pull your vehicle over, turn off the engine, and call our service department at 610-494-2800 for further suggestions.

  3. Do you have financing? How does that work?- TA Truck Sales works closely with several excellent finance companies. These firms offer "lease purchase" as well as standard finance contracts at various interest rates, depending upon your personal credit history. Generally, we can offer you one-, two- or three-year terms, but again, this depends upon your personal credit history. All of the lease purchase's offer a buyout at the end of the contract period. This simply means that you must make your regular monthly payments for the term of the contract, and then pay the finance company at the end of that period, you then you own the vehicle outright. During the term of the contract, the vehicle's title remains with the bank or finance company underwriting the lease. Once the buyout is complete, the title will be sent to you and placed in your name.
    As a general rule, our finance companies look for a two-year track record in business, a business checking account, and a fairly clean credit history. However, we do work with several companies who offer financing to start-up firms, and to folks with less-than-perfect credit backgrounds. It is important to note that NO lender will provide a loan on a used commercial truck for less than $10,000.00. That seems to be written in stone at this time. This is due to several factors, the main one being that the lenders cannot make a fair margin on small amounts.

  4. Can you build me a specific truck if you don't have what I need?- Absolutely; we often install specific truck bodies based on customer needs. You would simply need to pick out an appropriate cab & chassis from our inventory, tell us the specs on the body you'd like, and give us a deposit to begin work. Body installation typically takes from 2-6 weeks, but the cycle can be longer depending upon how busy the body shop happens to be at the time of the order. As needs vary greatly, body installation quotes are provided on an individual basis.

  5. What kind of warranty do you offer?- In keeping with area industry standards, we typically offer no warranty on our used trucks. However, you can buy a 30-day warranty from us for a nominal additional cost. Click here to read the terms of our standard warranty.

  6. Do you sell new and used trucks?- We sell only top-quality used medium-duty trucks between 11,000 and 33,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

  7. How do I know the trucks will last?- Our factory-trained mechanics go over each vehicle we sell thoroughly to make sure they are up to spec and ready to make money for you. We offer a standard warranty to back this up.
    It should be noted that many used truck dealers DO NOT service the vehicles they sell, but simply have a small shop to handle cosmetic repairs and clean-up. TA Truck Sales, however, features a complete medium- and heavy-duty truck service center, staffed by factory-trained mechanics, at our Chester location. We service what we sell as well as any other trucks you may own.

  8. Are the trucks inspected?- Yes. Unless specifically negotiated otherwise, the trucks we sell pass both Pennsylvania and Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections. On occasion, we will offer or negotiate to sell a vehicle "as-is", and in that case, the buyer assumes all responsibility for any problems or necessary repairs right from the moment of purchase.

  9. Can I get a tag from you?- Yes. TA Truck Sales is a fully licensed and registered Pennsylvania State Tag Agent, and as such, we sell both temporary and permanent tags.

  10. I am from out of state. Can you inspect my truck or get me a tag?- Although we can perform and guarantee a Pennsylvania State Inspection, we cannot perform out-of-state inspections. However, we can do a Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection on the vehicle. You will still need to have your vehicle inspected at an appropriate facility in your state, however, and due to the varied and sometimes stringent requirements of certain specific states, we cannot guarantee that your truck will pass inspection in your state. Note; Pennsylvania is one of the toughest states for inspection laws. If it passes here it should pass anywhere.

  11. I like one of the cab & chassis on your lot, but I need the frame to be shorter. Can you do that?- We can do frame reductions. Since trucks and requirements vary widely, these jobs are quoted on an individual basis.

Service/Repair Questions

  1. What is your hourly rate?- Although each repair job is quoted on an individual basis, our hourly rate for service is $95.00 per hour.

  2. Do you offer towing service?- We do offer heavy and medium-duty towing service to our existing repair customers only. If your truck should break down, and you intend to have it repaired at our facility, please call us at 610-494-2800 to arrange for a tow.

  3. What kinds of trucks do you fix?- We repair medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks from all manufacturers but we are aligned with Isuzu and International for Factory training, software and parts. We handle small repairs, regular engine and transmission service, air conditioning repairs, accident damage, starters, clutches, alternators, brakes, axels, springs, cab repairs, and even complete engine and transmission overhauls. We also fix van bodies, roll-up doors, and hydraulics. Additionally, we are fully computerized, and offer complete fleet service/maintenance tracking to help you keep your trucks on the road and minimize internal office management of your fleet. In short, we can handle all your medium- and heavy-duty truck service needs.

  4. I have 18 trucks. Can you help me track service dates?- Yes. All of our customers are entered into our state-of-the-art computer system for tracking. We send out regular mailings to let you know when your vehicles should be serviced. It is vital to the long-term viability of your diesel truck that you perform regular service on the vehicle.

  5. Do your mechanics know what they're doing?- All of our mechanics are factory trained and certified to work on medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks. Our Service Manager has a track record of over 25 years servicing and repairing diesel truck engines.

  6. Do you fix tires?- Yes. TA does do tire repairs in-house. We stock many of the most popular truck tires and have access to those hard to find sizes as well.

  7. Do you do big jobs like engine replacements or transmissions?- Yes! We are specialists in these types of repairs and have one of the few area facilities that can logistically handle this type of work.

Parts Questions

  1. Do you sell new, used or rebuilt parts?- All three! We have a wide selection of all three types of parts available at our Chester, PA facility. We specialize in parts for foreign and domestic cabover trucks such as Isuzu NPRs, FTRs, FRRs, and FSRs; GMC W4000s, W4500s, T5500s, and T6500s; Mitsubishi's, and Nissan/UDs. All parts are available for standard UPS or Federal Express shipments (where available) around the globe. Common carriers are used for the large components. We do not take orders on the web due to the wide range of variables for commercial truck parts, just give us a call at 610-494-2800. We accept all major credit cards.

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